Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am back

Hello fellows

How are you my dear? Well i am back now and this time i am here to stay. The deal is, my personal life kind of got in my way. I graduated, got a job, and a beautiful son. Alhamollilah life is wonderful. I must admit after my sons birth, i kind of forget about me, which is a bad thing because i have to take care of my self as well. I bet you all agree with me on that , right?

The reason i am back now is that i really need to upgrade my hijab collection. Seems like i cannot get enough of hijabs. My latest addiction is the turkish hijab. Oh my dear, have seen such a beautiful hijab style? The soft silky hijab with amazing beautiful pattern. Its a luxury on its own. I went on a search for the perfect hijab to style as "turkish style". If you google it, you would notice all the beautiful ladies in the wonderful

(Pictures are borrowed from the internett)

These are just a few examples of the hijab, i mean look at how amazing it is? I am daydreaming about this hijab (i am dreaming about looking as good as these models..haha)

So, after some research i found out that its actually not as easy as I thought to get your hands on one of these silky luxuries, they are quite expensive. The turkish brand "Armine" has so many beautiful scarfs but alas, they are quite expensive. 

I am not willing to pay 40-60 dollars to a piece of scarf, so my project for next few days are to find a silky scarf within a reasonable price, i will let you know when I find it. And you should scream out if you guys know, would be helpful for me. 

Thanks you guys
Stay blessed and happy :)

- HijabiFashion

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