Monday, January 3, 2011

Hood Hijab

Ever since I started wearing my hijab, i try to be bold and try out new styles. Sometimes I works while others I totally fail. But never the less, practice makes u the master. But one of mye new favourites is a hijab style called : Hood hijab. Absolutely gorgeous hood hijab consists from two separate parts: full underscarf and slipover like a hood. The great advantage of this hijab is that you can swap the underscarves or hoods and mix the colours. Below is a how-to. Step by step guide.

This one does not cover neck, so you can buy neck covers. Like this :

Hope you guys also like this style. I personally find it really nice style, maybe for a party. Another tip is that, you dont need two piece, you can do it with a single shawl. You just have to experiment and find a style that suits you, thats how you learn to tie in several different ways. 



  1. have u tried this style...
    it seems really difficult for me...:)
    but must say really nice collection keep it up...:)<3

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