Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hijab hair

You know what I am talking about, when you wear hijab all day and when you come home your hair feel flat and dull, or even worse when you get invited to someones party last minute, and you try your best to revive your hair, but nothing seems to work and you are stuck with bad hair. Well help isnt far away.

There is a couple of steps you can do to revive your dull hair.

1)  If you are in a bit of a rush but your hair looks really dull and oily, you can always sprinkle a little baby powder into it, leave it to stand for around five minutes, and then simply comb it through.

2) Sprir a small amount of perfume on your comb and pull it through your hair.

3) Scrunch your hair with your hair (the way you do when you just washed your hair)

4) Massage your scalp so the blood circulation gets going.

Hope these few tips is helpful and useful.

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