Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Designer Abaya 2011-2012 by Lareine Brand

"La Reine's creations are designed to compliment the designs, colours and trends of the International Fashion Houses while maintaining the Women's identity and conservativeness.
La Reine's Abaya Collection & Shailas collections are specifically designed to suit a variety of occasions and cultures. An extravagant line for weddings and parties, a casual yet elite line for evening walks in the mall, and a line for the trend-setters who like to show their individuality"
Abaya is a culture for Islamic women and adopted in all over the world by Muslim girls. But now a days hijab and abaya is becoming a fashion for non Muslim also.
These abaya are beautifully designer to match each individual. You can dress fashionable yet modest and still maintain your identity. I love and admire my beautiful sister who wears abaya, and carry it so gracefully. Since I live in Europe, i know it must be very difficult to wear Abaya, but still I see so many of my sisters wear it so gracefully. It takes so much strength to decide to wear it, and i am so proud of them. May Allah (swt) gives us all the strength to follow islam the way we are meant to do.

This one is so simple yet so beautiful. I would suggest to fully cover your hair as well, not as it is shown in the picture.

Just one word: Beautiful.

These two color-combination is great. Although I would prefer black & red. It looks more sophisticated.

I love the pattern on the arm, and the matching shawl. It looks so cool.

If you noticed that the designer didnt over do it. The design is really simple, with stripes, color-combination and different pattern. But still these abaya look so beautiful even with the smallest change. I love it.


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