Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Latest trend in nailpolish.

I have a confession to make, I love being a girl, and do all sorts of girly stuff. Dressing up, doing makeup (only for your hubbys eyes), fancy clothing, jewelry.

I usually dont wear nailpolish, have never been a fan of it. Last time I wore it was when I got married, BUT the other when I went to the store, I saw something, and it really got my attention. It was the latest trend I have seen in nailpolish, and i was tempted to try it.

This nailpolish is from Isadora, called Graffiti Nails. If you like to try something new and different,maybe this is for you then?

 One thing: Nailpolish is allowed in islam, BUT you cannot do wadoo when you wear nailpolish, so make sure to wear nailpolish during the days you are not praying. But take it off before you do wadoo.

The picture below is my result.

This is my end result, and I am quite satisfied with it. Doesnt it look amazing? I would try this in different colors. Hope you guys like it. Cheers mate =)

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