Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ebay - A hidden treasure

We all know what ebay is, right? Well then we know this to that ebay is a hidden treasure, you can find so much over there, with such a cheap price:D All you have to do is learn how to find these treasure and how to bid & buy. Ebay is also a famous place for non-serious people to scam serious buyers, the scam can take place in different forms.

1) You buy something and the seller dont ship it, and he deactivates his account.
2) Product is not as shown in the picture.
3) Quality is EXTREMELY bad.
4) And IF you are going to buy branded stuff, you'll have to learn to differentiate between authentic and non-authentic.
5) When something is too good to be true, its generally is. Follow your guts.

Well, now'we been through scam scandals, lets do some shopping :)

One essential thing, before you register to Make sure to make an paypal account at

Step 1: Register
Step 2:  Log in

Step 3: Search for what you are going to buy.

                                                  Step 4: Top rated seller are the best.                                                  
                                                  Step 5: Check out the seller, his postive/negative feedback
                                            Step 6: You can either BUY the item, right here and now, or BID or Watch it.
                                            Step 7: Make sure the seller ships to your destination, and the shipping isnt too much, you dont wanna pay to much shipping. And always make sure to know what kind of tax charges are charged for the item you buy outside your country.

In norway you can check it out from

Ebay quicktips:
Ebay buyer Protection:

I think I coverd the basic on how to shop with ebay. Good luck with it.

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