Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What kind of hijab style do you prefer?

Hello there

Well, first when I started with hijab, i just wore it plain and simple. But as time passes by, i like to play with my hijab and different styles. I really enjoy colorful scarfs with different wearing styles.

These days i go for this style

Its really cool, its take a few minutes to set it up. But the end result is beautiful. I have seen on my beautiful sister who wears hijab, they all have different styles, and I simply love it. But offcourse has to do its jobs, cover up. As long as it does it, you can play with the styles all you want. Its up to you.


Love the dress.
Love the color.

You have propably seen these before, but I have collected most of them in one page :) Hope you like it and get inspired.

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  1. Hijab is a very nice thing and i'm glad to see this topic that care about it ;) , thank you <3