Monday, November 1, 2010

Role model

Does anyone know the name Muna Abusulayman?

I am must be her nr 1 fan. This lady is so beautiful, elegant, graceful, fashionable and to top it all she is also a very smart lady. She has done so much, and nothing seems to stop her. She is such an amazing role models for muslim women, she is doing what we dream of doing. She is trying to change the world and each day she is one step closure.
You can read about her here

Muna AbuSulayman became a symbol of great successful women.. a national & international symbol of inspiration.In 2009, She was named one of The Most Influential Muslims in The World

So simple yet so beautiful.

I love the way she dresses, so modest yet so classy and fashionable. She always seems to look so good. Speaking of fashion, She has also started her own fashion line that would cater to women who want to wear chic and modern clothes that cater to their Middle Eastern sensibilities.

You can check out her new line here

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