Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful Maxi Dresses

All these dresses can be found at All of them are beautifuls BUT make sure to cover up with a nice bolero or blazer. Its all about taste and what looks good. I personally do prefer a blazer thats similart to bolero, a little bit of both =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Todays Outfit: Going Grey

Feny Mustafa Fashion Designer

Fashion designer Feny Mustafa from Indonesia is a great designer, I really love the design. Its different, and very nice. Picture below are from his collection show in Kuala Lampur Fashion Week.

How cuute is this girl? Aww

I like these style alot, maybe not the black one. That one is a bit outragous.

Fancy and unique Hijabstyles

I have seen so many beautiful girls/ women wearing hijab in such a beautiful way, and its so different from what I am used to see, and sometimes I do want to approach them and just ask them how they tie it, but being the shy person I am makes it difficult for me to approach strangers and bother them with my question, it just not in my nature. But I still want to share with you these beautiful and creative hijabstyle. Wearing hijab is sometimes an art.

I love these hijab styles, and I love the make up as well, but I would not wear like that on everyday basis, maybe on a party ,or wedding. (None of these pics are mine, I just found them, thought I would share it with you).

Buy hijab online

I have collected sites where you get hijab, there are different prices. Just check them out.











These are my top10 favourites. Hope its useful =)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turkish hijab style

There are countless ways to wear hijab, some formal, some party, some for fun. Its all about reflecting your personality through hijab. Let it speak for you.  But one of the most delicate styles is the turkish hijab style, its just fabulous.

I love these styles with different pattern and the material is silk, make sure to use a bonnet cap underneath.
I have posted a video , that show how to tie this.
Click here

Winter coats

Since winter is here, i thought it would be nice to make a post about winter coats. I have always troubling finding the perfect winter coat, thats keeps you warm and is stylish.


I have now collected a few of my winter coats from my fav online shopping sites. Hope you like it.


I think Abaya is the most modest way of dressing, I myself dont wear abaya, but I have several friends who do so. I admire people who do so, and they look so beautiful Mash'Allah. May Allah (swt) guide me and everyone else. But i have a few of my favourites, and I love them. If I want to wear Abaya in the future, I know what kind of Abaya I will choose.

I love the last one, just look at the design and shape. Every single detail is so beautiful, and the black & red combination is absolutly stunning.

Hope you liked it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hijab: How-to

I have collected all the different hijab styles and how to wear them. Its not always easy to see pictures and then wear it exactly like it. But with the help of step-by-step guide its easy.

You have probably before, but harm in posting all in one page. Make it alot easier. Make sure to cover the neck as well, although some of these dont do it.  I hope you liked it.