Friday, December 31, 2010

NewYears Outfit

Okey guys, countdown has started. and the new year is just around the corner. Lets welcome 2011 with a fresh and a new start. I always make new years resolution, but I never seem to keep them. Lets hope this year will be much better then last year.

New year= New start.

The beautiful maxi dress, clutch , and bracelet is from
I would go for silver or white hijab. Its matches the clutch. Like the picture, and black headband is perfect. Lifts the whole outfit.

Happy new year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Headbands for hijab :)

I love to accessorise my hijab with beautiful pins, broches and headbands. It looks so great. You can make a simple hijab into a fancy hijab. Its simple. There is so many beautiful headbands available online.

Long skirts

I love long skirts, it is the most modest way of dressing and it looks beautiful as well. You can mix your top with different color. Mix & Match. I love to match my hijab with my botton (either its jeans or skirt).

This is just a priview for a couple of skirts, but you can find so many beautiful skirts from

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Pumps

A women has never too many shoes or handbags;) how often have we heard this. There might be some truth to it, but let us not over do it. 2010 is about to end, and I wanted to show my favorite pumps. I love "open toe pumps", it is much more classier and lady-like than those "normal" pumps. I think pumps look great with a faboulous dress and jewelry. But make sure not to exaggarate, ISLAM says women should dress modestly. Always remember this before you step out;)

These pumps are from

These beautiful black & pink pumps are from

These are from

I love these shoes from Karen Millen.

 Karen Millen

Beautiful pump with flower from Bianco.

Classic beautiful black pumps you can use it to almost every occasion.

Anyhow I hope you like this.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Latest trend in nailpolish.

I have a confession to make, I love being a girl, and do all sorts of girly stuff. Dressing up, doing makeup (only for your hubbys eyes), fancy clothing, jewelry.

I usually dont wear nailpolish, have never been a fan of it. Last time I wore it was when I got married, BUT the other when I went to the store, I saw something, and it really got my attention. It was the latest trend I have seen in nailpolish, and i was tempted to try it.

This nailpolish is from Isadora, called Graffiti Nails. If you like to try something new and different,maybe this is for you then?

 One thing: Nailpolish is allowed in islam, BUT you cannot do wadoo when you wear nailpolish, so make sure to wear nailpolish during the days you are not praying. But take it off before you do wadoo.

The picture below is my result.

This is my end result, and I am quite satisfied with it. Doesnt it look amazing? I would try this in different colors. Hope you guys like it. Cheers mate =)

Ebay - A hidden treasure

We all know what ebay is, right? Well then we know this to that ebay is a hidden treasure, you can find so much over there, with such a cheap price:D All you have to do is learn how to find these treasure and how to bid & buy. Ebay is also a famous place for non-serious people to scam serious buyers, the scam can take place in different forms.

1) You buy something and the seller dont ship it, and he deactivates his account.
2) Product is not as shown in the picture.
3) Quality is EXTREMELY bad.
4) And IF you are going to buy branded stuff, you'll have to learn to differentiate between authentic and non-authentic.
5) When something is too good to be true, its generally is. Follow your guts.

Well, now'we been through scam scandals, lets do some shopping :)

One essential thing, before you register to Make sure to make an paypal account at

Step 1: Register
Step 2:  Log in

Step 3: Search for what you are going to buy.

                                                  Step 4: Top rated seller are the best.                                                  
                                                  Step 5: Check out the seller, his postive/negative feedback
                                            Step 6: You can either BUY the item, right here and now, or BID or Watch it.
                                            Step 7: Make sure the seller ships to your destination, and the shipping isnt too much, you dont wanna pay to much shipping. And always make sure to know what kind of tax charges are charged for the item you buy outside your country.

In norway you can check it out from

Ebay quicktips:
Ebay buyer Protection:

I think I coverd the basic on how to shop with ebay. Good luck with it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful Maxi Dresses

All these dresses can be found at All of them are beautifuls BUT make sure to cover up with a nice bolero or blazer. Its all about taste and what looks good. I personally do prefer a blazer thats similart to bolero, a little bit of both =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Todays Outfit: Going Grey

Feny Mustafa Fashion Designer

Fashion designer Feny Mustafa from Indonesia is a great designer, I really love the design. Its different, and very nice. Picture below are from his collection show in Kuala Lampur Fashion Week.

How cuute is this girl? Aww

I like these style alot, maybe not the black one. That one is a bit outragous.

Fancy and unique Hijabstyles

I have seen so many beautiful girls/ women wearing hijab in such a beautiful way, and its so different from what I am used to see, and sometimes I do want to approach them and just ask them how they tie it, but being the shy person I am makes it difficult for me to approach strangers and bother them with my question, it just not in my nature. But I still want to share with you these beautiful and creative hijabstyle. Wearing hijab is sometimes an art.

I love these hijab styles, and I love the make up as well, but I would not wear like that on everyday basis, maybe on a party ,or wedding. (None of these pics are mine, I just found them, thought I would share it with you).